News Archive

Peace Tea (January 2016)

Honoring our Veterans (November 2016)

Classroom Pumpkin Contest (October 2016)

Butterfly STEM Project (September 2016)

STEM Projects (June 2016)

Flag Ceremony (June 2016)

2nd Grade Trip (June 2016)

Fernwood Student Council Visits Swift (May 2016)

3rd Graders Get Ice Cream After PARCC (May 2016)

Wordmasters Challenge (April 2016)

Arbor Day 1999 and Now (April 2016)

Atlanticare's Healthy Educator Award (April 2016)

Healthy Green Mustaches (March 2016)

Healthy Family Fun Night (March 2016)

PEP Students Work on Simple Machines (March 2016)

Parent Stationed Overseas Reads to Class (March 2016)

Police Chief Visits Swift (March 2016)

Exploring Magnets STEM (March 2016)

Officer Phil Visits Swift (March 2016)

"Frozen" STEM Activities (February 2016)

Chocolate STEM Activities (February 2016)

Penguin STEM Activities at Swift (February 2016)

Swift Teacher of the Year and ESP of the Year (January 2016)

Wellness Grant Brings Healthy Food to Swift (January 2016)

Polar Express STEM Projects (December 2015)

Cookie Creations (December 2015)

Students Learn to Code and Program Robots (December 2015)

Batty About STEM (December 2015)

Veteran's Day Celebration (November 2015)

Swift Halloween Parade (October 2015)

Swift Character Cafe (October 2015)

Believe in U Pep Rally (September 2015)

Cape May Nature Center (May 2015)

Earth Day Play (May 2015)

Swift WordMasters (May 2015)

Officer Phil Visits Swift (April 2015)

Swift Spring Splash Science Fair (March 2015)

Fruit and Veggie Challenge (March 2015)

Green Mustache Challenge (March 2015)

Chef Belle Visits Swift (March 2015)

Career Day (March 2015)

STEM Design Challenge (February 2015)

National Readathon Day (January 2015)

MLK Peace Tea (January 2015)

3rd Graders Program Finch Robots (January 2015)

Swift Donates to Toys for Tots (December 2014)

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (December 2014)

Help a Friend AtlantiCare Essay Contest (December 2014)

Veteran's Day PRIDE Grant (November 2014)

Supercan Visits Swift (November 2014)

Kingdom of Reading (November 2014)

Halloween Parade (October 2014)

100 Book Challenge (September 2014)

3rd Grade Trip (June 2014)

ASK Ice Cream (May 2014)

WordMasters Challenge (May 2014)

Mother's Day Tea (May 2014)

Believe in U Pep Rally (May 2014)

Earth Day Play (April 2014)

Computer Science - Programming Robots (March 2014)

Fruit and Veggie Challenge (March 2014)

Chef Visit (March 2014)

Jump Rope for Heart Health (March 2014)

Read Across America Week (March 2014)

STEM Project (March 2014)

Balloon Car Races (February 2014)

Author Visit (February 2014)

Peace Tea (January 2014)

Eat This Not That Contest (January 2014)

Swift Staff Donates to A.C. Rescue Mission (December 2013)

Holiday Show (December 2013)

Veteran's Day (November 2013)

STEM Project (November 2013)

Pumpkin Carving (October 2013)

Halloween Parade (October 2013)

Smokey the Bear Assembly (October 2013)

Fire Safety Assembly (October 2013)

Swift Staff Participate in the Hero Walk (October 2013)

Minute to Win it and Fun Day (June 2013)

11th Annual Gallery Art Exchange (June 2013)

ELL Multicultural Celebration (June 2013)

Mrs. Zaccagnino's Mother's Day Tea (May 2013)

Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea (May 2013)

Pep Rally (May 2013)

Bubbles for Autism (April 2013)

Earth Day Play (April 2013)

Bullying Assembly (March 2013)

Healthy Family Fun Night (March 2013)

Science Fair (March 2013)

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser (March 2013)

Secret Service Delivers on Career Day (February 2013)

Career Day at Swift (February 2013)

Students Participate in PJ Story Time (January 2013)

Swift Staff Donates to Charity (December 2012)

Saturday Morning Science (December 2012)

Veteran's Day (November 2012)

Day of Thanks (November 2012)

Milk Moustache Day at Swift (November 2012)

Pumpkin Carving with Dad (October 2012)

Smokey the Bear Assembly (October 2012)

Fire Safety Assembly (October 2012)

Eat Healthy Assembly (September 2012)

First Day of School (September 2012)

Mother's Day Tea (May 2012)

March of Dimes Walk (April 2012)

Earth Day Play (April 2012)

Swift School Science Fair (March 2012)